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Suffice to say, Zach's been around the block. (More times than he can count.) After graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy, Zach became a Naval Aviator, flying S-3 Viking jets for the Navy in Operation Iraqi Freedom. It was there that Zach discovered his passion for storytelling, which led to getting his MFA in Film from the University of Southern California's legendary Director's Program. 

While at USC, Zach wrote and directed a period Cockney gangster film called THE DEVIL'S DOSH, filmed in London and Liverpool. Joe Carnahan (NARC, THE A-TEAM, THE GREY, SMOKIN' ACES) took a shine to Zach and his penchant for dialogue, violence and good characters, took him under his wing as his protégé, and helped Exec. Produce DOSH to great acclaim and representation by CAA. To return the favor, Zach will be working with Joe and War Party Films on his first feature in 2019.

Currently Zach's is in pre-production on DRUG TUNNEL with Millennium Films, as well as finishing production on a feature documentary about the world's biggest croquet match called CANNON SHOT. As well, Zach is working with fellow Navy/Marine Corps veteran and acclaimed author Tony Swofford (JARHEAD) to write his second feature film titled LIKE THE RIVER, I RUN - a Robin Hood-esque tale that follows a team of disgruntled veterans who set out to steal money from the military, for other vets in desperate need.

His commercial work includes Cannes Lion winning work for Land Rover and Bayer, as well as live projects for Nissan and Uber. ‘Meet Gaz and Leccy”, a 2016 live project for Smart Energy in the UK received over 5 million views in less than a week and went on to win a Creative Circle Award for top experiential campaign of the year. In addition to those amazing brands he's had the distinct pleasure of working with Exxon, Cricket Wireless, Chick-fil-A, Ruckpack, FitBit, and many more.


It's been a great ride. And it's only gonna get better. 

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